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Wilson Tire & Auto Service
We are so disappointed with this place. We started using this place over three years ago when we lived in Laurel and proceeded to commute back to Laurel to continue using this place. We've purchased over $4,000 in tires from this place and we will not be going back to place again. Before this month we had the tires rotated and they failed to relearn the system. It took some trial and error when the low pressure alarm came on to figure this out as at first it was thought that the sensor was bad in the tire that was reporting it was bad. We had to take the vehicle back and have them relearn the system that the failed to do in the first place. We forgave this instance even though we were charged for the service that we didn't receive. This month, on a Saturday, we purchased 4 new tires for around $1,400 all done and, as we were leaving we asked if they had relearned the system for the tires and we were told that they had. I drive the vehicle home and parked it until I needed to take my son to an appointment and I got into the car and saw a low air alert and proceeded to try to fill up the tire, with a screaming baby who hates his car seat, to realize that they hadn't relearned the system and that there was a leak in the valve of the brand new tires. After filling up and releasing air from all of the tires I was able to figure out which one needed air and drove down to Laurel with a screaming child serenading my son and me for over 30 minutes. When we called to talk to the manager we got the assistant manager who was inconvenienced and annoyed to have to listen to my husband and didn't want to hear anything I had say. In fact, when I did get there and juggled my baby and son out of the car, the manager didn't even greet me, simply asked my name and then asked for my keys in a annoyed and resigned manner. Didn't even wait until I had said anything to walk away from me. After further ignoring me he reluctantly said he apologized for the inconvenience. He didn't want to hear anything I had to say and didn't care at all that the issue had occurred or what a PITA it had been to deal with, especially since I can't confirm that the service was performed easily and had trusted them that a) they had done the service since they charged me for it and b) that they were telling the truth when we asked to confirm it. We will not be purchasing any further services or items from this place as our trust in this company has been completely violated as they're charging for services not received and they aren't willing to hear about any issues that arise from this which tells us that this is a common occurrence. Also, consumer loyalty isn't acknowledged or rewarded at all, even with genuinely apologizing for their mess up.

Business reply to this review:

Mrs Brumm, I apologize for our errors and your inconvenience. The manager, assistant manager and tech that made the error have been reprimanded and sent for retraining. Thank you for patronage and if you can see your way to talk with Milton our manager on site he will try to make amends. He will do your next oil change service for no charge. 301-776-6100. Sincerely, Fred Smith GM
Showing 1-1 of 1 reviews

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